This plan covers the first year of your baby's life. Included in this plan are four or five sittings to capture the precious moments in your baby's life; but at any of these sittings you can also include a sibling, parent, grandparent, etc. While you are on this plan, if you would like to book any extra sittings in the studio for your baby they will be billed at one - half my regular sitting fee. Family portraits are excluded from this special offer. They are always billed at regular prices. These sittings are at : newborn ( 0-8 weeks), 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

The cost of this plan includes:
1. All sitting fees.
2. 1 - 5x7 from each sitting, 4 of which are matted and framed at the end of the plan.
3. A special Black and White framed collage.

This plan covers the first year of your baby's life and is for your baby only. If you would like your child's picture made with anyone else, such as siblings, parents, grandparents, ect., you must make a separate appointment at my regular sitting rate. This plan includes sittings at newborn ( 0-8 weeks), 3,6,9 and 12 months.

The cost of this plan includes:
1. All sittings fees.
2. 1-5x7 from each sitting, 4 of which are matted and framed at the end of the plan.

I do understand that sickness and other problems do come up, but please make appointments as close to these ages as possible. Your baby will respond better to the props if he or she is the right age. You must complete this plan before your child turns 18 months.

Tax is charged on all plans and portraits.


Please decide which of these plans will fit your needs better and let me know when you come for your first sitting.

Dear Parents,

Welcome to my "A TIME to Treasure " Baby Portrait Plan! I hope you will enjoy as much as I will these four special times with your child.

The prices which I charge for the pictures for your panel are very special and quite a bit below my regular prices. The prices apply on the pictures when made at 3 -4 months, 6 -7 months, 9 10 months, and 12 -13 months. Please try not to delay any one sitting too long, because that throws the other sittings off.

In selecting the baby's clothing the most important thing to keep in mind is that it fits properly. If the clothing is too tight or to big, it will not photograph well. Please try diapers. Pink and blue will show through many outfits. If the diaper has pictures on the front, turn it around backwards. At any sitting please feel free to bring any props you have, such as stuffed animals, chairs, ect. You may also bring an extra outfit, which we will use if your child is willing.

When you are selecting your baby's clothing you need to be very careful. Solid and white or pastels are always best. I do have white outfits to rent for $10.00 if you cannot find an outfit in the store. Bold colored prints and plaids have a tendency to overpower the baby and are very hard to match for the panel. What you really want to see in the pictures is the baby and not the clothes. If you bring bright or dark outfits you will see the clothes when you look at the picture and not the child. Through the whole plan I recommend NO SHOES. If your baby has on shoes, you will mainly see the soles of the shoes.

Some suggestions:

Short sleeves and short pants are great for all ages because they show their because they show their beautiful little chubby arms and legs.

THREE MONTHS - Baby dresses, gowns, or bubbles are best on baby girls. Bubbles or little boy dresses are best on baby boys. At this age it is best for the baby to be barefoot.

SIX MONTHS - Sun suits, bubbles, short sets or little short dresses with matching pants are best. The baby will sitting on a flat surface, and when sun suits are used, some will gap badly around arms in this position, so they work best if they are a little tight. When a little girl's dress is too long it falls completely over the baby's legs and hides them. So please try the outfit on before you come with the baby in a sitting position. Hats and bonnets are very pretty at this age. This is also a wonderful age to do nude shots of your baby. For this age the best time to come is when your baby can sit up, but cannot sit itself up from a laying position.

NINE MONTHS - Clothing for this age seems to be the most versatile. Just about any style clothing looks good This is the first age that I start to use chairs, so if you have a special chair or rocker this would be a good time to bring it. Also, if it will still fit this is a great age for Christening gowns, especially the long ones. That way it can hang over the chair and the whole dress will show. Little girls are really precious in a night gown or a pretty slip holding their silver hair brush. Feet can also be bare at this age. Boys are cute dressed in bubbles, sun suits, ect. Two - piece outfits that the pants button on the top don't usually work well until the 12 - month when they are standing

TWELVE MONTHS - Remember when deciding on what your baby is to wear, that it needs to be the proper length. When clothing is too short or too long, you can be very disappointed, because they usually stand in this picture.

1. When you are making an appointment to bring your baby in, consider the time best for him or her, which I realize at times is not always the best for you. If your baby is rested and fed I have a much better chance of getting pictures. Should the baby be excessively fussy at appointment time, please just call and reschedule. The chances are very slim that his or her mood will improve here at the studio.
2. Never bring the baby in right after you've been to the doctor.
3. Before you bring the baby in for the last picture, spend a little time for several days practicing standing up. This will help to give them some self-assurance.
4. After your baby's 3 month sitting keep your eyes open for cute outfits that will match well so your panel will harmonize.
5. Bring any props into the studio that you want in your child's pictures, such as: small chairs, stools, stuffed animals, toys, ect. This will really personalize your pictures.
6. If you must use shoes on your baby at any of the sittings, please check the soles for bright colored dots or writing because you will see this in the pictures. Also, never bring the baby in with black - soled shoes. The black rubs off on my white background paper and is way too much contrast for a white background.
7. Please remember at Christmas to bring a regular pastel outfit for your child to go in the baby panel that will match his or her other outfits. Then if you want pictures of your child in a darker Christmas outfit we can do those after the regular plan outfit. It really looks bad in your panel to have one dark outfit.


You can buy the proofs from any of your sittings. The difference between proofs and reprints is that reprints can be color corrected, cropped, and spotted. Proofs are $12.00 each. If you buy all the proofs from any one sitting they are $10.00 each. If your total bill from any one sitting equals $150.00 or more, you can purchase the proofs from that sitting for 1/2 the original price.
When you decide to place a picture order, please write your order down and drop the proofs by in my box, mail them, or call and make an appointment to sit down and discuss your order. My lab dose want me to send the proof with the negative when I place your order.
If you return your proofs within 15 days from the day I call to tell you your previews are ready you will receive a 5% discount on your total order. ( This dose not include Christmas cards or other specials )
During the plan you receive 10% off on all regular print prices, not including packages.
5. There is a difference in Economy, Custom and Prestige:

ECONOMY - These are machine printed pictures. They are dust spotted and can be cropped. The only retouching done on these prints is slobber. ( Wallets are not retouched ) Price does not include mounting.

CUSTOM - These pictures are printed by hand on an enlarger. They are dust spotted and can be cropped, dodged, and burned to your specifications. Retouching is available. Prints are mounted on masonite board

PRESTIGE - These pictures are printed by hand on an enlarger. They are dust spotted and can be cropped, dodged and burned to your specifications. Retouching enhances the lovely finish of this picture and it is mounted on a fine artist's canvas.

Thanks for your business,
Cathey Plunkett